It is not our aim to fulfill the intellectual needs of our people. There has been an intellectual class created in our society which is interested in intellectual discussions as their stomachs are full. Such people discuss different issues on different occasions to satisfy their intellectual thirst and the matter ends after such discussions or by arm-chair criticisms. If you want to wage a war you cannot win without weapons. People from the Bahujan populace have to learn to use effectively an intellectual weapon in the war that is being waged today. Those who can use speech don’t have to make use of the bullet, if it is needed then bullet too must he used. In this case the aim is more important and the aim justifies the means. We believe that our people have not yet learned the ability of firing a bullet and in such a situation it won’t be appropriate of us talking about the firing of bullet. If we learn to effectively speak our language, there won’t be any need for a bullet. Revolution has always been done by those in the minority. But for this they have to become a majority. Hence the guardians of the majority people must correctly speak their own language. Those who have a movement also have their own terminology, own words with a specific meaning. When this specific meaning is utilized and implemented it gives a specific result.

The undercurrent of an ideology should always be undivided. The strategies employed by our enemy on different issues, his standards and the character of our enemy should be exactly identified by us. First principle of awakening is that we identify our enemy. If you don’t implement this principle you won’t be able to create the wave of awakening. In its absence you would not be able to bring together the majority people with you. When our own people come under the influence of our enemy, they make our movement ineffective. This happens because our people don’t know and identify our enemy.

The process of creating small states in our country has been implemented by people who are not in favor of creating small states. This process of creation of small states has been initiated by them in order to fulfill their political need.

When the movement for a separate Uttarakhand had started, the SP-BSP combine was in power in Uttar Pradesh. During the movement for separate Uttarakhand, there was maximum opposition to Mandal Commission from the Uttarakhand region. Today Mandal commission can he implemented in the whole of Uttar Pradesh; however, there is stiff opposition from Uttarakhand region. Before this implementation could be made this movement for a separate state has been started.

It has been written in Manusmriti that Brahmins should not reside in a kingdom ruled by a Shudras i.e. they should migrate to another nation. Actually if we see, every caste in itself is a nation as everything needed by a nation is found in a caste. When the government of Uttar Pradesh was formed by the Shudras and Ati-Shudras of SP-BSP combine, the movement for a separate Uttarakhand was initiated. The Brahminical media was never in favor of smaller states; however, the same media supported the movement for separate Uttarakhand with gusto.

Manusmriti says that Brahmins should migrate to another nation. In such case which country should the Brahmins go to? Imagine for a moment that a Shudra state has been established in India. Will the Brahmins then, as per the dictum of Manusmriti, have to start a movement for the partition of India? I presume that such a movement would start. Brahmins would start a movement to divide India. They have the option of going to Europe or America, as they cannot go back to Iran, which is being ruled by Muslims, from where they came as said by Mahatma Jyotirao Phule. Would any country, where Brahmins want to go, accept them? If they try to illegally migrate, they would be shot down at the borders. In this situation they have only one option left, to partition the nation in which they are already living. If this is an eventuality, then how to tackle it is a pertinent question in front of us.

Today Brahmins have already started the program of partition of our nation and they want to create states out of those areas with comparatively have more population of Brahmins. Many movements for separate states like Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh have been going on in our country. However, their claim for a separate state had not been considered till now as these regions had majority people belonging to backward class. However, Brahmins carried on a movement for four years and immediately their demand is going to be accepted. On the other hand the movement for a separate Jharkhand state is going on since before independence, and only now their demand is going to be accepted. The politics behind these developments have to be understood.

In order to clearly identify the Brahmanism, we will have to understand how the Brahmin mentality works. A point to be noted here is that Uttarakhand is a small region and the resources required for its development would not be present in the state? This is a problem. In spite of this fact the process of its formation has been initiated. Another pertinent point to be noted here is that all the Brahmin Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh were the natives of Uttarakhand region. Govind Valabh Pant, Narayan Dutt Tiwari, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna are all from the Uttarakhand region. The Brahmins have ruled over all the Shudra- Atishudras by ruling Uttar Pradesh. But when the Shudras came to power, the Uttarakhand Brahmins decided that we won’t let them rule over us. This evidence of Brahmin mentality contains in it the issue of politics of supremacy. The fact is that they won’t let anybody rule over them and for that they would even create a separate state with a Brahmin chief minister in order to maintain control over their region.

Indira Gandhi, when she was alive, had raised the slogan “Unity of the nation in danger” again and again. She was the perpetrator of the danger and she herself used to propagate about the so called impending danger. Bhindranwale was a small time priest of a temple who was brought into politics in order to counter the Akali policy so that those who were in power in Delhi would remain in power in Punjab too; Indira Gandhi used Gyani Zail Singh as a medium in this strategy of empowering Bhindranwale. When he became powerful he started demanding a separate Khalistan and thus gave credibility to Indira’s slogan that the unity of India was in danger. Indira Gandhi gave this slogan to befool the indigenous people of our country. The people of that community which was being led by Indira Gandhi are today slowly initiating the process of partition of India. For these Brahmanists a nation is akin to nothing, for them they themselves are of supreme importance.

The Brahmins attached the Uttarakhand along with the demand for separate Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, as raising the issue on a standalone basis would have created opposition. When the Supreme Court kept Lalu Prasad Yadav in judicial custody for a considerable period, it felt that this would make matters worse and would have to face the accusations of Casteism and Brahmanism. Thus Mishra too was kept in judicial custody for a few days so that people won’t react adversely.

Let us take example of the Chhattisgarh area of Madhya Pradesh. The assembly elections concluded recently in Madhya Pradesh. The Congress party was in power before the elections. Under their rule the tribal people of the state used to demand that a tribal should be made the chief minister, however during this election no such demand came up. Why did this happen? This is similar to the Babri Masjid demolition issue rose by the BJP and put into effect by the Congress. In this politics of collusion the Mulla-Maulavis are an active party. The reason for selecting Babri Masjid was that for past one and a half century no namaj had taken place in this Masjid. The Maulanas were active in this issue in order to deny the rights under Mandal commission to the religious minorities which have converted to Muslims from the indigenous people. What would happen to the status enjoyed by the Maulanas if the backward Muslims get their legitimate rights? This is the politics of supremacy working behind this issue.

Similarly the BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh under a joint strategy decided to create separate Chhattisgarh. There are around ninety seats in the assembly of Chhattisgarh which have majority of tribal population. This is the area whose people had been raising the demand in the past that the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh should be a tribal. However, the Congress and RJP have made these tribal people believe that they would get a separate state hence during the recent elections the earlier demand did not come to surface. Nothing concrete has actually been given except lip service. This assurance has pushed the demand, of making a tribal the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh under the carpet. When the tribal people talk of ruling the entire Madhya Pradesh, it sounds alarm bells to the Congress and BJP. Hence both of them colluded and stated an intention of creating a separate state. Shyama Prasad Shukla and Vidya Prasad Shukla hold sway over Chhattisgarh. Journalists had asked Shyama Prasad Shukla whether you would make a tribal the chief minister after the elections of Chhattisgarh. To this he replied that the Congress doesn’t believe in Casteism. This is a very decisive example of the Brahminical mindset of supremacy.

Amar Singh Chowdhary, a tribal person, was made the chief minister for a few days by the Congress. Madhav Singh Solanki, who is an OBC, was made to cool his heels and a tribal was made chief minister instead of an OBC. The roaster system was made ineffective through Amar Singh Chowdhary. The interchangeability principle was scrapped and it was decided that if no candidate from the scheduled caste is available, one from the scheduled tribes would be selected and if no candidate from the tribes is available, one from the OBC’s would be selected. Thus they made one person chief minister and he took away the rights of the entire community. What bigger example can be given where even when our brother is made chief minister in their system, it strengthens them instead of us. This is because of the party system created by the people of ruling castes based on the Varna- Caste system. This is the reason why tools, stooges and agents are created in the parties. If a stooge or an agent is made the chief minister, the work of creating more such stooges and agents gets momentum which is the real danger.

When a person wants to be the chief minister of the entire region of Madhya Pradesh, the Congress-BJP doesn’t let it happen. Instead such ploys are implemented that the tribal people forget their demand. Thus the area of Madhya Pradesh excluding Chhattisgarh region automatically gets reserved for the Brahmins. This is the politics of supremacy. The total votes of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Madhya Pradesh are 38 percent. If the congress has ruled the state on the backing of 35 percent votes then why can’t those people who constitute 38 percent of votes come together and run the state? This can be made possible. However, now the process to counter such intentions has been started.

Due to the formation of linguistic states, individual castes are powerful in different language speaking states. Congress has been instrumental in the process of formation of linguistic states. Thus the result of different castes becoming powerful in different states is before us to see. This phenomenon was considered a danger to the process of nation building by Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar. The thinking behind creation of linguistic states was that people speaking common language should form part of one state. But Dr. Ambedkar thinks that many states speaking a common language should he formed, which would possibly deter the influence of a single caste. Thus we should note that creation of linguistic states and creation of smaller states out of existing ones are two different issues.

If states are created on the basis of language then a language state nation is created. Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar believed that this was an obstacle in the nation building process. If in future the central government becomes weak then the states which have been created on the linguistic basis would not spend much time deciding to become separate nation. When Dr. Ambedkar had provided a strong Centre in the constitution, the socialists and communists had accused Dr. Ambedkar of converting the states into municipal councils. ‗What had happened in the past should not be repeated in India’ – was the sentiment behind the provision of a strong centre.

Today the BJP-Congress people are not the supporters of smaller states. But they want to use the issue of smaller states as a weapon in their politics. Take the example of Jharkhand. Before independence the Congress made Raja Jaipal Singh, an Adivasi leader, a minister and thereby killed the Adivasi movement.

Gandhi had promised the Adivasis that separate Adivasi states would be created and they would rule them. After independence, this responsibility went to Nehru. Moreover, Gandhi was not alive to have been able to fulfill this responsibility as he was assassinated in 1948, five months after independence. This too was a part of politics.

Today when Bihar is being ruled by the backward classes, the ruling castes ruling from Delhi make a plan with the aim that the backward classes should not be able to rule over the entire Bihar. When the congress was in power, it had always kept the issue of a separate Jharkhand under the carpet. However, it started raising the issue when the backward classes came to power in Bihar. This is an evidence of Brahmin mentality. This mentality is behind all the politics being played on this issue. A shrewd ploy was implemented by naming the bill placed in the Parliament as “Vananchal Bill”. Jharkhand is an Adivasi movement and Vananchal literarily means a region covered with forests. The word Jharkhand emanates from the Adivasi culture, which the Brahmins don’t want to identify themselves with. Hence, even the word is being rejected by them. Parts of Orissa and West Bengal also fall under Jharkhand. But the Brahminical people of Orissa and West Bengal don’t want to give any area to the Jharkhand state as these two states are being ruled by Brahmins. This is an evidence of the mentality of Brahmin which works to maintain supremacy in politics and for this they use the movements for smaller states. Keeping this in mind the formation of smaller states alone would not help. We would have to restructure the Indian states. People would have to be sensitized to the importance of this process of nation building. Restructuring of India in its true sense would be possible only after India has been reserved for its indigenous people.

Hon’ble Waman Meshram
(National President, BAMCEF)
(*from Dristikon, Chapter 13)
Translated in English by Mukesh Gaikwad